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One stitch at a time

THE QUEEN OF LOOPS provides resources for crocheters and knitters, from tutorials to downloadable patterns and videos. Here, you can find inspiration and techniques to help you create unique items and learn how to become a more experienced and accomplished needle/hook artist. 

THE QUEEN OF LOOPS  is a place to find new skills, hone old ones, and learn something new about the timeless craft of creating anything from coasters - to sweaters - to home decor.

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About creator

Hi, I'm Jelena!

And the creator of THE QUEEN OF LOOPS. 

Welcome to this world of my treasures and inspirations!

Jelena Faergemann

The process of bringing an idea to life is incredibly fulfilling, and I find joy in every step, from sketching or making my vision digitally, out initial designs to selecting the perfect colours and materials. Creating something unique and beautiful from scratch has always been something that I am deeply passionate about. I love creative challenges and developing pieces to wear or to use either indoors or outdoors. 

Designing allows me to combine colours, textures, and patterns and gives me the freedom to create something that expresses my vision and my passion. Creating allows me to truly express myself and share my artistic voice with the world.


Whether it is a cosy knitted blanket, a beautiful dress, or handcrafted wall art, each creation represents a piece of me and the artistic journey I am on.

I believe that each creation has a story to tell, whether it is through the intricate patterns in knitting or crochet stitches or the carefully developing and shaped pieces.

I am constantly inspired by nature, architecture, and the vibrant colours of everyday life. I take inspiration from my surroundings and translate them into my designs, incorporating elements that reflect my unique perspective and personal experiences.

In addition to the joy of creating, I also find fulfilment in sharing my work with others. Teaching brings me great satisfaction to know that my work also serves a purpose in someone's life.


My passion for design, clothing construction, textiles, decorating homes and art has been with me since I was a young girl, and I have always been motivated to develop and create new things. I received my fashion education at the "Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design", and  I also studied interior design at the open university "Limperts Academy of Design". 

Regardless of your background or formal studies, I firmly believe that anyone can achieve their goals with determination and perseverance. In my journey, my studies in clothing construction and design provided valuable knowledge and experience, yet I had to teach myself the art of crochet and knitting. Although I was introduced to crochet and knitting crafts from a young age, however, there was a time when crochet and knitting weren't that popular and were dying. I'm glad these amazing crafts are becoming more popular, and more people can experience the art of stitches. 

I believe anyone can learn the art of crocheting and knitting. As long as you remain patient and perseverant with dedicated effort for any of your craft projects and adhere to straightforward guidelines, success is within your reach, and the result will be truly amazing.

I am a UK-based creator and love to connect with people around the world. For crochet crafters, I use both UK and US terminologies in my patterns and tutorials.

My personal short story - I am Ukrainian by parents, was born and lived in Latvia at a young age, and in my youth, I lived and studied in Denmark before I moved to the UK in 2008 with my half-British, half-Danish husband. I now call the UK my home and live in a beautiful part of Oxfordshire with my husband, two children, and two dogs.

You are all welcome to my world, and I hope you have a great experience. 

                                               Jelena Faergemann

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