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Floral blooms crochet 

The blanket is made using three beautiful and vibrant colours - pale grey, mustard, and petrol. The combination of these shades creates a visually striking and eye-catching design that is sure to liven up any space.

The crochet Floral Blooms blanket is carefully crafted using good-quality yarn, a very soft acrylic anti-pilling yarn, ensuring a soft and cosy texture that is perfect for snuggling up with. The intricate flower and leaf pattern adds an element of nature and elegance to the overall design.

What sets this crochet blanket apart is its modern twist. While still embracing traditional crochet techniques, the blanket incorporates contemporary elements that make it stand out from typical designs. The large flower and leaf pattern is bold and striking, creating a focal point that adds visual interest and appeal.

To complete the look, the blanket features decorative edges that enhance its overall beauty. These intricate details add a touch of charm and sophistication to the blanket, making it a stunning decorative piece for any room.

Whether draped over a sofa, spread out on a bed, or used as a cosy wrap, this crochet bloom garden blanket is not only functional but also a true work of art. Its combination of colours, modern twist, and intricate design make it a must-have for those seeking a unique and stylish addition to their home decor.


Yarn Brand Name: Scheepjes

Yarn Name: Chunky Monkey (100g per 1 skein)

Part 1. Introduction / How to read the pattern 

Part 2. How to crochet flower 1 / Step-by-step
at last 4 min , I explain how to to work flower 2

Part 2 b.. How to crochet few part - Flower 4

Part 3. How to crochet triangular motifs / Step-by-step

Part 4. How to crochet curly leaves motif / Step-by-step

Part 5. Large leaves motif / decorative stitches over leaves

Part 6. Pale grey border and fringes 

Part 7. Mustard border drops and swirls. 

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